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This is the simplest solution in our range. Simply attach our KA200 adapter to a spare port on your router

Then wire 1 or 2 spare PABX exchange line ports to the KA200's 2 line ports.

You now have 1 to 2 voip speech channels accessible by anyone on your Pabx for in or out-going free voip calls.

This can cost as little as £132 (plus VAT). See trade prices.

The example above shows a KVA200 being used between a Broadband router and analogue line ports 4 and 5 of the PABX.

Any PABX extension can be programmed to answer the VOIP calls.

Any PABX extension may make a VOIP call on either line 4 or 5.

Your site will need a router with a spare port and Broadband connection.

It most cases, there is nothing more to do than connecting it and the system will work fine.

Should your customer be using up the bandwidth with large file transfers then in practice, they can either suffer temporary speech degradation during occasional file transfers or, if they do not already have one, they can get a router which allows you to reserve bandwidth for speech. If they expect to use 2 speech channels regularly, then they may need to rent more bandwidth.

Note, although we set up the adapters, we do not setup the routers. Having said that, in most cases with small business, their routers have DHCP enabled by default which means they auto detect our adapters without the customer or you having to do anything to set them up.