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Kentel Trade - Remote Extension
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Remote extensions are ideal where a director or staff member wants to work from home or a small branch office.

All intercom calls between to two sites are free. Head office can transfer any oustide caller to the remote office. It can also allow outside calls to ring at the remote office.

The remote office can call either a head office named extension or come into the head office generally on the voip line.

Anyone in both the head office and/or remote office can make free voip calls anywhere in the world.

We use this setup ourselves and love it!

REMOTE OFFICE: In this example, The remote office is setup with a KVA200.

On lifting the blue phone, the internal dialling tone of the Head Office Pabx is returned. The Remote caller can then dial any extension or, if allowed, dial 9 for an outside line.

The Green phone can be used to make free VOIP calls anywhere in the world. If the remote office uses the green phone to dial Head Office's voip number, then it will come in on line 4 as though it were an outside call - anyone at head office could answer it.

HEAD OFFICE: In this example, the Head office is setup with a KVA300.

Anyone at head office can dial 301 (or press the 301 button) to go straight through to the remote office's blue phone.

Anyone at head office can access line 4 to make free voip call anywhere in the world.

Anyone at head office can transfer outside calls to the remote office by putting the caller on hold then dialing extension 301.

Your site will need a router with a spare port and Broadband connection.

It most cases, there is nothing more to do than connecting it and the system will work fine.

The voip calls make use of the unused bandwidth on the router and so the calls are free of charge. 1 line usually works very well even on the minimum bandwidth of 512K. Should your customer be using up the bandwidth with large file transfers then in practice, they may suffer temporary speech degradation during occasional file transfers. If they do not already have one, they can prevent this by getting a router which allows you to reserve bandwidth for speech. If they expect to use 2 speech channels regularly, then they may need to rent more bandwidth.

Note, although we set up the adapters, we do not setup the routers. Having said that, in most cases with small business, their routers have DHCP enabled by default which means they auto detect our adapters without the customer or you having to do anything to set them up.