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The three aspects to consider are:- The voip adapter, The Broadband/router, The Telephone system.

The Voip adapter. We preset these for you. The KVA300 and KVA200200 both are very sophisticated devices with over 800 settings. The good thing about this is they can be made to do almost anything. The bad thing is that they require a lot of detailed knowlege especially to make them work with a telephone system. We have spent many hours in learning how to tune them to optimum performance with a range of specific popular telephone systems. We have also tried a wide variety of VOIP service providers. We have also learned how to make them behave so they can do many clever tasks, the main ones are refered to on the Navigation bar. We not only set up all this for your, we also set up your free VOIP telephone numbers for you. The majority of telephone systems will work well with our adapters, providing they meet the Telephone System Prerequisites.

AUTOPROVISIONING. Finally, but not least, our adapters autoprovision themselves by refering to our own servers. This means that if changes occur in the under-the-bonnet settings of the VOIP technology from which you can benefit then your adapter will automatically download them without you needing to do anything at all. Also, if you need to change the way in which you use the sytem, (for example you may want to add a remote extension or setup an autodivert) then we can do this without the need for you to call out an engineer to return the equipment.

The broadband/router. Each adapter will need to be connected to a router which, in turn is connected to the broadband / adsl. The router will need a spare port to take our adapter. We do not set this up and you may need need to tell us the IP address of your router. (Most routers are, in fact, set to DHCP - 'Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol' whereby our Adapters are allocated their IP Address simply by you pluging them into the Router). If you want advice about a suitable router, we can give it.

The telephone system Prerequisites. The KVA300 needs 1 spare analogue trunk line port and 1 spare analogue extension port from the PABX. As we have done all the Adapter setting up prior to dispatch, you only need to concentrate on the pure telephony aspect of wiring the Analogue line and extension ports to the Adapter. Note, although you need a spare analogue trunk line port, you do not need a spare analogue trunk line (the port is for connection to our adapter, not an outside line). If you do not have a spare line or extension port, you can either relinquish an exisiting on on your system or we may well be able to supply you with second hand hardware at a very cost effect price through our other division: