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KVA300 and KVA200. Both these adapters give you the ablility to make free calls. So in all the scenarios listed on the Navigation Bar you will be able to make free calls.

How are VOIP Calls free? A voip call is 'free' in the same way that your internet browsing is 'free' in that, once you have set up a non-dial-up permanent connection to the internet you can use it as much as you like whithout paying anything over and above your usuall monthly subscription charge (but check that there is no limit to how much you can use you internet account before incurring extra charges. Some providers levy a charge, most do not - its easy to change providers). The person you are calling will also need to be setup with VOIP (either using an account which they may have allready set up, or by using our VOIP Adapter 200 see Using VOIP with no PBX involvement. You use the internet to make these calls thus making use of all that permanent online time which you have allready paid for and are not utilising.

What's in it for the free provider? Many successful web companies offer free services- because they make thier profit on small percentage of customers who go on to buy other services (Think of Google). The VOIP providers do genuinely give you free calls. But what if you want to call someone who does not have a VOIP number? Then your VOIP provider will need to 'break out' of the internet and into the PSTN (public switched telephone network) where calls have to be paid for. To do this, you have to pay a subscription to the VOIP provider. You still win, however, because their discounts are so good that they usually beat your low cost operator, and the way they beat them iis because 'break out' as close to the destinatin as possible (e.g. if you were to use our Adapter to phone New York, then the VOIP provider will route the call via the internet to New York and only then 'break out' to the New York PSTN thus generating a local call charge only!) We have searched widely for a provider who's discounts are very good and who's service is reliable. For more info see our prices page.

Who can I call free? The current situation is that you call free most easily anyone else you uses the same voip provider as you do. You simply dial their number. It does not matter if they are UK, or anywhere in the world, its free. If you know someone with another voip provider, there is increasingly cooperation between providers so you can add a prefix number which allows you to dial them free also. Alternatively, it is very easy for them or you to set up a free account with the same provider. If you want to call someone you does not have and does not want a voip number, then you will have to subscribe to your voip provider's 'breakout' service as mentioned above. This is still very cost effective.

What does all this mean to me? One day all telephone systems will be VOIP and all calls will be VOIP and just as you dial anyone's general public telephone number regardless of who they are with, so you will be able to with VOIP. At present, just as in the days of Fax machines before everybody had one, so you did not get one until you knew someone who had one, so here, the more people that have VOIP accounts, the more free calls can be made. It is ideal for those people who requlary phone colleages expensivly either due to them being long distance, mobile or abroad (we have dramatically reduced the cost of our calls to our IT manager on his mobile phone). It is not just the cost, but the convenience of being able to transfer calls to members of your team who are off your premises. We have a remote office in Worcester, and it is a real joy to be able to phone back and forth all day completely free of charge and to be able to share our work load with our Worcester office. For more details of specific useage, click the linked list of Features on the Navigation Bar. .