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Kentel Trade - Introduction
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Voip is an essential element for anyone dealing in telecoms.

The trouble is that the dealer not only has to learn a great amount of information - he also has to buy and sell a lot of expensive equipment in order to apply it.

Kentel has now brought you a solution.

The example above shows a KVA200 being used in a simple conversion of a PBX to voip. See Navigation "CONVERT A PBX TO VOIP"

We have sourced one of the world's best range of VoiP adaptors by Linksys (a division of Cisco Systems Inc). These adaptors were formerly manufactured by Sipura. They have their own developer's language and can do an amazing range of tasks.

We have built up a range of ready made applications (see right) which we pre-load prior to sending them to you. Because we have added our own software, we have renamed the adapters KVA200 and KVA300. We even load the telephone numbers for you. In most cases they are plug and play. You stick to what you know best - setting up the exchange line and extension ports to interface with them.

Our software is so sophisticated that it even auto-updates the adapters with improved versions both from ourselves and the manufacturers. Our prices include 3 years warranty and 3 years free software auto-upgrades.

For very little outlay you and your customers will be using real voip applications and gaining invaluable experience in this fast evolving market.